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Amazon Posts is an Amazon online media drive that is intended to promote brand and product discovery. It is an Amazon Advertising Solution, and Posts allow you to promote your product through carefully well-curated content for your lifestyle. Amazon displays your posts to a large audience, and customers can keep buying the relevant Amazon Product from your post. SEO Solutions is an Amazon advertising agency that will assist you in getting ahead of the curve early and achieving results. Be visible on your competitors' posts for no cost, include your products in amazing lifestyle content, and increase your sales by implementing a Professional Amazon Posts Management strategy.

What Are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts can be described as an Amazon social media platform designed to promote brand and product discovery. It is an Amazon Advertising solution, and Posts let you showcase your products with well-curated content for your lifestyle. Amazon will display your post to an appropriate audience which means that your customers can purchase the Amazon item from your page. Amazon Advertising Posts is currently in the process of being tested. It's completely free and available to vendors and sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry in the US.

What are the criteria to use Amazon Posts?

The tool is currently in beta and is only accessible to sellers who have already registered on Amazon's Brand Registry or Vendors within the US. Also, you must possess an Amazon store for your business to utilize Posts.

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What are the advantages of Posts?

Consumers are more receptive to content from social media when it comes to shopping on the internet. In reality, five fourth of US shoppers says they've bought something that they discovered on social media. In addition, 21% begin their search for Amazon Products on Instagram. The way social media displays products in appealing and relatable ways is a hit with consumers. Posts have the form and feel of traditional Social Media Channels and go a step further by allowing users to explore the product behind the engaging content with just one click. This alone makes the use of Posts an easy decision.Here are some more amazing advantages.

Boost Product Discovery and Sales

Amazon Posts gives shoppers a new method to locate your Amazon product listings and learn about your brand. The Amazon Product Service provides a second customer contact point on the Amazon App or mobile browser and the desktop directly linked to your company's feed. Being more prominent on Amazon increases your brand's visibility and grows your business's revenue potential.

Free to use

Brands can advertise as little or as many as they like. In contrast to Amazon PPC or other forms of advertisements, there is no cost per click.

Showcase Your Products Creatively

Posts don't limit you to the Amazon rules on listing products for images with a product only with a white background. It is possible to write captions that speak to your readers, according to Amazon Post Guidelines. Your followers will be taken on a trip through pictures of everyday life that provide social evidence. This is a chance to let your brand's image shine through with top-quality Amazon content.

Increases brand recognition

Through Amazon Posts, merchants can demonstrate how their products function and share original material that tells their story. It's also an excellent chance to showcase photos of real customers and to build social proof.

Your product should stand apart from the rest

Although you aren't able to choose precisely the location, your Posts will be placed. There's a good chance that they'll appear in your competitors' listings. If that transpires, users will be able to scroll through the listing's detail page to a section called "Related Amazon Posts," where your business could be featured.

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SEO Solutions Services for Amazon Post Management

Amazon Posts Profile Creation and Set-Up

To start creating Amazon Posts, you need to log in with an advertising account and Seller Central account credentials. The Amazon Advertising Agency will cover the essential requirements you must meet to start with Posts, including having the correct kind of Amazon account, Amazon Brand Registry, and an Amazon Store. We take care of all the obstacles to making an account on your Posts profile.

Amazon Post Optimization

Your products are linked to your Posts via Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). The Amazon Posts services ensure the proper ASIN and product listing is included in each post to maximize conversions. We can optimize your product's information, including pricing, star rating, and price, by using tried and tested Amazon method of optimizing listings for your products.

Amazon Post Copywriting

We develop and manage Amazon Post captions. Amazon Post captions, customizing them to reflect your brand voice and highlight features that set you apart from your competitors. We can also assist you in communicating an explicit call-to-action for Amazon Posts Strategy to convert users to become buyers. There are strict restrictions on captions that would be difficult for sellers to understand, and therefore the Amazon marketing agency comes up with innovative ideas and abides by Amazon's guidelines.

Amazon Posts Analytics

Amazon Posts provides data and downloads of a report that shows the number of impressions viewed (views), the number of clicks (clicks), and engagement rates. It will reveal the number of people who visited your Post compared to the number of people who were able to view it through Amazon Advertising. We analyze the data from your performance to identify the most effective times to publish Amazon Posts for maximum return on investment. We look at how the Posts perform and what is appealing to your readers and then optimize your Posts using the data-driven decisions made by marketers.

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Quality Assurance

We implement a strict Quality Assurance System for all of your Amazon content, ensuring the process of publishing, loading time, and the proper display and display Post. We make sure each Amazon Post draws the attention of your followers and differentiates you from the competition. We will never allow you to post restricted content or products since we are in complete Amazon Post compliance.

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